Travellers of the following 93 countries will require an Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) prior to entering the United Kingdom (UK). The traveller ETA requirement will be enforced from 2024.

Are there any exemptions for a UK ETA for British Passport Holders?

Yes, British passport holders are exempt from needing to apply for a UK ETA.

What about other British Nationals?

The following types of British Nationals are also exempt from needing an ETA to enter the United Kingdom from 2024 onward:

  • British Overseas Territories citizens
  • British Overseas Nationals
  • British Overseas citizens
  • British protected persons
  • British subjects without the right of abode in the United Kingdom

What about Irish Passport holders?

Currently, Irish passport holders will also be exempt from needing to obtain an ETA to enter the United Kingdom from 2024 onward.