Your Complete Guide to the UK ETA for Micronesian Citizens

If you have plans to visit the United Kingdom from 2024 onwards, you need to know about the incoming UK Electronic Travel Authorisation system. Travellers who currently qualify for the visa waiver program will need to apply for an ETA before boarding any flight bound for the UK. This guide explains how the new UK ETA will affect people travelling from Micronesia who wish to visit the United Kingdom. It also offers advice on how to obtain the UK ETA for Micronesian citizens.

What Is the UK ETA for Micronesian Citizens?

The new UK ETA system is a key component of the British government’s plan to create the world’s most efficient system for legal immigration and border control. The digital system will be put in place before the end of 2024 and will follow the same principles as the ETA programme in Canada and the American ESTA. The UK ETA is not the same thing as a visa. With a much simpler application process, the ETA functions as a digital permit. It gives visitors from abroad permission to enter the UK.

There are currently 92 countries that do not require a visa for entry to the United Kingdom. Travellers from these countries can apply for the UK ETA if they are planning to visit the country for less than six months. Visitors who travel on the ETA cannot work while they are in the country. Valid reasons for visiting under the programme include tourism, courses of study, visiting family/friends, travelling for medical treatments or entering the UK for business purposes.

What Does This New System Mean for Micronesian Citizens?

Micronesia is one of 92 countries around the world that is a part of the current visa waiver programme for the United Kingdom. Micronesian passport holders have been able to travel to the UK without a visa. This will remain the case, but they will now have to apply for the UK ETA if they wish to enter the United Kingdom.

With a valid UK ETA, Micronesian citizens can enter the United Kingdom for stays up to six months. Though they will not be eligible to work, they can enrol in courses of study. Micronesian citizens who wish to spend a longer amount of time in the United Kingdom or who wish to work in the country must apply for a visa separately.

How to Apply for the UK ETA for Micronesian Citizens

Not all of the information regarding the new UK ETA has been finalised yet, but the government has released information regarding ETA eligibility. Citizens of the 92 countries currently in the visa waiver program will have to apply for an ETA, and Micronesia is one of those countries.

A list of ETA requirements has been published but is subject to change before information about the system is finalised. This list provides information about what ETA applicants can expect out of the process.

Citizens of Micronesia will need to fill out the ETA application online. The system is digital-only. There are no paper-based alternatives available. Travellers should have all of their required data ready before completing the form. This information includes:

• A recent digital passport photo.
• A valid biometric passport that has been issued by a country on the list.
• Personal information that includes contact details, date of birth and details of employment, etc.
• A debit/credit card to pay the UK ETA application fee.
• The reason for the traveller’s visit to the United Kingdom.
• Details about the trip, including an address while in the UK.

Applicants from Micronesia will be asked to provide information regarding their past. This includes the disclosure of any past criminal record or prior membership of a proscribed organisation/group. They must also reveal if they have committed any past immigration offences. This data will be used by immigration officials to determine if the applicant should be designated as a security risk to the United Kingdom. All applicants who are deemed to be a danger to the safety of the residents of the UK will have their application denied.

How Is the UK ETA for Micronesian Citizens Processed?

All ETA applicants must pay a non-refundable fee by way of credit or debit card before their application can be processed. Once the application is completed and the fee is paid, the processing time will then start. ETA processing can take up to 72 hours.

Travellers from Micronesia must have their ETA approved before they can enter the UK. Applications must be submitted early enough to allow for processing prior to travel. If an applicant’s ETA is rejected, they may be able to appeal the decision or apply for a visa. This process is a much longer one.

All travellers coming from Micronesia to the UK will require an ETA regardless of the type of travel they are planning. It is required whether the traveller is arriving in the UK by plane, train, car or ferry. For this reason, travellers should ensure that their ETA is approved before they start their journey to the UK.

All carriers will be expected to ensure that travellers have an ETA as a condition of their carriage. Micronesian citizens heading to the UK must show their approved ETA when they arrive at their airport, station or port. Failure to show an ETA could be considered grounds to deny boarding. Once a traveller arrives in the UK, they will once again have to show an approved ETA that is linked to their biometric passport.

Travelling With the UK ETA for Micronesian Citizens

The constituent countries of the United Kingdom are England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Holding a valid UK ETA gives Micronesian citizens total freedom of movement between these constituent countries.

Micronesian Citizens in the UK

Micronesia is a country of more than 116 million residents. Its citizens travel to the UK for a variety of reasons that include tourism, higher education and business. Travellers from Micronesia who want to find out more specifics about the incoming programme should consult the official ETA FAQ page.