Complete Guide to the UK ETA for Brazilian Citizens

Before the year 2024, the United Kingdom intends to introduce a new authorisation system for travellers. This will replace the current programme of visa waivers and will affect Brazilians who want to travel to the UK. Read this guide to learn all about the UK ETA for Brazilian citizens, including how to apply and what to expect from the new system.

What is the UK ETA for Brazilian Citizens?

The ETA, or Electronic Travel Authorisation, is being introduced to replace the UK’s visa waiver programme. This digital system gives the British government greater insight into the people entering and leaving the country and makes it easier to identify and screen out potential security threats. Although the ETA programme is new to the UK, it is based on existing systems in other countries. Travellers who have experience with the United States ESTA or Canadian ETA systems will be familiar with similar programmes.

Effectively, the UK is a digital permit. When issued with an ETA, a traveller is granted permission to enter the United Kingdom. It is not a visa, and the application process is far simpler and quicker than a visa application would be.

How Does the ETA Affect the Citizens of Brazil?

Brazil is one of the 92 countries that have a visa waiver agreement with the UK. At present, Brazilian citizens can enter the United Kingdom without a visa or any other form of paperwork. When the ETA system comes into effect, Brazilians — along with the citizens of every other country on this list — will need to apply for an ETA before they can travel.

Brazilians travel to the UK for many reasons. Many come to the country for tourism, but others enter the UK to study or on a business trip. The ETA will be issued to travellers who are coming for a number of different purposes. These may include:

• Tourism
• Business trips
• Short-term courses or study programmes
• Visits to friends and family
• Medical treatment

At present, some Brazilian citizens require a visa to enter the UK. This is true if they wish to spend more than six months in the UK or if they are hoping to work while in the country. These citizens will still need to apply for a visa when the new system comes into effect. The visa application process is entirely separate from the ETA and involves several more steps.

Applying for the UK ETA for Brazilian Citizens

The ETA system has not yet started, so information about it is still limited. However, some details have been released. These are subject to change and may be altered before the programme starts. Nevertheless, they give travellers an overview of what to expect from the new ETA programme.

Before travelling, applicants should familiarise themselves with the list of requirements. These include:

• A valid biometric passport from a country on the eligibility list. There may be additional conditions, such as a passport that will not expire for at least 3-6 months from the travel date.
• A recent digital passport photo.
• Personal information — this will include various data, such as date of birth, employment information, contact details, etc.
• The reason for the traveller’s visit to the UK.
• Some details about the planned trip to the UK, such as address while in the country
• The ETA application fee.
• Disclosure of any criminal record, immigration offences and membership (past or present) of proscribed groups or organisations.

The final point on the list is designed to help prevent potential security risks. Travellers who represent a threat to the United Kingdom and its citizens will have their ETA application denied. To apply for the ETA, travellers will need to fill in an online form. The ETA is a digital system, so there will be no paper-based alternatives available.

Processing the UK ETA for Brazilian Citizens

When an applicant completes the ETA form, they will also need to pay a fee. This fee, which is non-refundable, must be paid in full before the form can be processed. It is essential that travellers apply for the ETA with plenty of time to spare. Applications will not be processed instantaneously. Instead, they can take up to 72 hours to be approved or denied.

Carriers may make an approved ETA a condition of carriage, so travellers should be prepared with an approved UK ETA for Brazilian citizens before boarding their aircraft. If they are unable to show an ETA at the departure airport, they may be denied boarding. Travellers will need to show their ETA once again on arrival in the UK.

Some ETA applications will be denied. If this happens, applicants can appeal the decision. They may also need to look for alternative forms of permission to enter the UK; for example, they could apply for a visa. This process is much longer, so travellers will need to allow plenty of time.

Travelling With the UK ETA for Brazilian Citizens

A Brazilian traveller with an ETA can stay in the United Kingdom for up to six months. During this time, they can travel freely around the country. They will find no internal border control between England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. However, the Republic of Ireland is an independent nation, and travellers who wish to visit it will find that the ETA is not valid.

The UK is not a member of the European Union or the Schengen zone, so the ETA does not grant permission to enter other European countries. Brazilian travellers who wish to extend their trip by visiting other countries will need to look up the entry requirements for those countries.

Many Brazilian citizens have European nationality by descent and travel with passports issued by countries such as Italy, Portugal, Spain or Germany. These travellers will need to go through the ETA application process, just like holders of Brazilian passports do.

Brazilians in the UK

There is a very large Brazilian diaspora in the United Kingdom, with the majority living in or around the capital city of London. Estimates suggest that there are approximately 220,000 Brazilians residing in the UK. Many Brazilians come to the UK to visit friends and family living there or for the purposes of tourism. It is also a popular destination for adults who wish to study the English language.