The UK ETA for Norwegian Citizens: Your Complete Guide

The UK ETA is a travel permit for visitors from visa-exempt countries travelling to the UK. The electronic travel authorisation is a single-entry travel permit that allows Norwegian citizens to visit the UK for six months. All travellers from Norway currently entering the UK with a passport will need to apply for the permit online before they get to the airport. Here’s a guide on the impact of the UK ETA on Norwegian travellers, the application process and the requirements for obtaining the travel permit:

What Is the UK ETA for Norwegian Citizens?

The new electronic travel authorisation (ETA) permit will be launched in 2024 as part of the UK’s immigration reforms. The UK ETA will be the fastest method of entering British territory without a visa. However, the permit will only be available for non-visa nationals. That means European countries, including Norway, will use the ETA to get into the country. Other countries with visa-free agreements with the UK will also be allowed to get the travel permit. Norwegian citizens who have visited Canada and the USA should already be familiar with the ESTA and ETA programmes, and the UK travel permit uses the same principle.

The UK ETA programme is being introduced as part of a border transformation and immigration system. The universal permission to travel requires all UK visitors to seek advance permission to travel. That means the border authorities will have additional information on Norwegian travellers planning to visit the UK.

With the current immigration system, Norwegian citizens can enter the UK without a visa, making it impossible for border authorities to collect information on the visitors entering or exiting the borders. It is also challenging for border authorities to assess the security risks of travellers without prior information. With the advance travel authorisation, the UK authorities will have more control of the borders and can block threats from entering the UK. The travel permit will assure Norwegian citizens that they can visit the UK before travelling.

The electronic travel authorisation is for passengers transiting through the UK who don’t need a visa for short stays. It is only valid for six months, and travellers must apply for it before getting to the airport. Carriers will be expected to confirm that the travellers hold an ETA or some form of permission allowing them to visit the UK, like a visa or immigration status.

How Norwegian Citizens Can Utilise the UK ETA

Norway is a member of the European Union, and before Brexit, Norwegian citizens could travel freely throughout the UK. Currently, Norwegian citizens only require a passport to enter UK borders. From 2024, Norwegian citizens will require an ETA to enter the country. With a valid travel permit, travellers from Norway can stay up to six months in the United Kingdom. During this period, they cannot work or start a business in the UK without a visa or a work permit.

The UK ETA for Norwegian citizens is suitable for travellers visiting for business purposes like attending conferences or negotiating deals with a UK company. Norwegian citizens can also enrol for a short course within six months. Visitors planning to spend longer in the UK should apply for a visa.

Aside from education and business, the ETA is useful for Norwegian tourists exploring top attractions in the UK or visiting family and friends. Travellers can also use the permit to seek medical treatment in the UK.

Applying for the UK ETA has various perks for travellers. Visitors are guaranteed entry into the UK at the border since permission is granted in advance. Travellers can also traverse any country within the United Kingdom with a single travel permit. Norwegian citizens travelling to Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales or England will not have any issues at the borders. The ETA also guarantees the safety of foreign nationals in the UK since the government can beef up border security.

The Requirements for the UK ETA for Norwegian Citizens

Since the ETA has not been launched, the government hasn’t released all details on how the system will work. Apart from the eligibility for the UK ETA, travellers should find information on the requirements and the UK ETA application process. However, the requirements are subject to change since the ETA system is yet to be finalised.

Norwegian citizens applying for the UK ETA must complete the process online. The digital systems will require travellers to provide the following information in the application form:

• Personal information: An applicant must provide their full name and date of birth. It is important to ensure the information is accurate and the name matches the one in the passport to avoid denial of the ETA.
• Contact information: Travellers need to provide contact details during the application process to make it easier for the border authorities to reach out for follow-up questions. A valid email address is mandatory since applicants will receive the ETA confirmation through email. A phone number and a physical address may also be required. When applying for an ETA for a minor, the applicant should provide contact information for a legal guardian or parent. Norwegian citizens travelling for business will provide employer information and their contact details.
• Passport details: Norwegian citizens require a biometric passport to apply for an ETA. Applicants should provide their passport number, nationality, issue date and expiry date. It is important to provide details of dual citizenship or other passport numbers in the applicant’s possession, but only one will be used for the application. The passport should be valid for at least three months from the application date.
• Eligibility questions: Applicants are also required to answer security questions to determine their eligibility for the ETA. Some security questions travellers will encounter relate to criminal history and drug possession. Applicants with a criminal record should disclose the details of the offences. The traveller should provide any history of drug possession or distribution charges. Applicants will also answer questions on their affiliation with terrorist groups and past terrorist charges. In health-related questions, travellers are expected to provide details on vaccinations or immunisations and a history of infections.

After filling out the application form, travellers must pay the ETA fee before submitting their details. Hence, Norwegian citizens must use a valid credit/debit card for the transaction. The ETA application will only be processed after payment. When the UK ETA for Norwegian citizens is approved, the applicant will receive a confirmation email.

Travelling to the UK From Norway With an ETA

From 2024, all travellers entering the United Kingdom will require an ETA, regardless of the means of travel. Norwegian citizens with a valid ETA don’t need to print the confirmation email. They can scan their passports at the border to verify their travel permit. The UK ETA system will speed up the process at the border and reduce queues. For more information on the UK ETA for Norwegian citizens, please refer to the FAQ page.