The UK ETA for Israeli Citizens: What You Need to Know

If you are currently planning to visit the United Kingdom from 2024 onward, you need to be aware of the UK ETA. Travellers who qualify for a visa waiver must go through this new system and apply for an ETA before boarding any flights bound for the UK. This guide provides information about how the ETA will affect travellers from Israel who wish to visit the United Kingdom. It also offers advice on how to obtain the UK ETA for Israeli citizens.

What Is the UK ETA for Israeli Citizens?

The new UK Electronic Travel Authorisation(ETA)will come into effect before the end of 2024. It is a new system that is being introduced by the United Kingdom Home Office as a part of efforts that are being made to digitalise the country’s borders. Travellers who have gone to Canada or the United States will be familiar with the basic principles behind this system. It is based on the Canadian ETA and American ESTA programmes.

It is important to note that the ETA is not the same as a visa. The application process is much simpler. The ETA functions as a digital permit that gives visitors permission to enter the borders of the UK.

There are 92 countries from which travellers do not require a visa to enter the United Kingdom. They will instead require an ETA before coming to the country. Travellers who plan to spend less than six months in the UK can apply for the ETA as long as they do not intend to work during their visit. Travel purposes for the ETA include tourism, business purposes, study, visiting family/friends, transit purposes or travelling for medical treatments. All of these are considered to be valid reasons for an ETA application.

What Does the New System Mean for Israeli Citizens?

Citizens of Israel are allowed to visit the United Kingdom without first applying for a visa. The ETA system is being put in place to create the world’s most efficient, effective system for border control and legal immigration. Though Israeli citizens will continue to be able to come to the UK without a visa, they will now have to apply for the UK ETA and receive approval before visiting the country.

With the arrival of the new UK ETA, the visa waiver programme that has previously pertained to Israeli citizens is being discontinued. Israelis will continue to be able to enter the UK’s borders visa-free. They will instead have to apply online for the UK ETA for Israeli citizens. Without ETA approval, travellers from Israel will not be allowed to enter the United Kingdom.

With a valid ETA, Israeli travellers can enter the borders of the UK and remain for up to six months. They will not be allowed to work during this time but can enrol in courses of study. Israelis who plan to spend a longer amount of time in the United Kingdom or who wish to work in the country must apply for a visa separately from the ETA.

Applying for the UK ETA for Israeli Citizens

At the current time, information about the new UK ETA programme has not been finalised. The government has released information regarding the new system and the ETA eligibility requirements. Citizens from 92 countries around the world will have to apply for an ETA, and Israel is one of the countries.

There is a list of UK ETA requirements that has been published. This list is subject to change prior to the system’s finalisation. The list provides some important information about what ETA applicants can expect when they go through the process.

In order to apply for the UK ETA, travellers from Israel will need to fill out an online form. The ETA is a digital-only system, so there will be no paper-based alternatives. Before filling out the form, travellers should be ready with all of the data needed to apply. This includes:

• A valid biometric passport that has been issued by an eligible country.
• A recent digital passport image.
• Personal information that includes the date of birth, contact details, employment information, etc.
• The purpose of travel to the UK.
• Details about the planned travel to the United Kingdom, including an address while in the country.
• A credit or debit card to pay the UK ETA application fee.

Israeli applicants will able be required to answer questions regarding their past. Any prior criminal record must be divulged. Israeli citizens must also provide information regarding past immigration offences and must disclose if they have ever been a member of a proscribed organisation/group. This data is required so that immigration officials can determine if an applicant is considered to be a security risk to the residents of the United Kingdom. Applicants who are deemed unsafe will have their UK ETA application rejected.

Processing the UK ETA for Israeli Citizens

Before any UK ETA application can be processed, the applicant must pay a non-refundable fee with their credit or debit card. Once they have filled out their form and paid the fee, the processing time starts. The UK ETA can take up to 72 hours to complete.

Planning ahead is essential for travellers from Israel who want to visit the UK. It is important to make sure that sufficient time is allocated for ETA processing. If an ETA is rejected, travellers might be able to appeal the decision or put in a visa application, but this process is much longer and more involved.

Travellers who wish to enter the UK must have an approved ETA regardless of the means of travel that they are utilising. Whether travelling by plane or by other available methods, Israeli citizens coming to the United Kingdom for tourism, business purposes, transit, etc., must receive ETA approval before proceeding.

Travelling in the UK With the ETA

The United Kingdom is made up of four constituent countries. These are England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. A valid UK ETA gives citizens of Israel complete freedom to move through all four of these countries. There is no need to complete any additional forms or additional paperwork. An approved ETA covers Israeli citizens for all travel across the various regions of the United Kingdom.

Israelis in the United Kingdom

Israel is a country in the Middle East with a population of more than 9,608,000. Given the country’s high GDP, its citizens regularly travel for pleasure. Most Israeli visitors come to the United Kingdom for tourism, but others visit for business purposes or to undertake a course of study. Travellers who want to find out more about this incoming programme should visit the official UK ETA FAQ, where they will find the answers to the majority of commonly asked questions.