How the UK ETA for Chichester Might Affect Travellers

The only city to be found in West Sussex, Chichester, is steeped in history. In Chichester, visitors can see buildings that stretch back to the Middle Ages or even from Roman times. It should be noted that from 2023 onwards, those planning to travel to Chichester from abroad will need to know about the new ETA requirements and how they will affect travel to the United Kingdom. This article provides a run-down of Chichester’s history, identifies some popular attractions for visitors, and up-to-do date information regarding the new ETA requirements.

The History of Chichester

Chichester dates back to Roman times when it was a town named Noviomagus Reginorum. The rough outline of the original town can still be seen in the city’s current plan, and it is even possible to see a portion of the Roman walls. In the Anglo-Saxon period, the town was renamed in honour of Cissa, son of King Aella. Chichester Cathedral, which dominates the city, was built in the Norman period after the Council of London decided to relocate religious centres to more populous cities. It was consecrated in 1108 following its completion. Various other specimens of medieval architecture, including multiple churches, can also be seen in Chichester today. [1]

Chichester’s Industries

Around the start of the twelfth century, a market belonging to the Earls of Cornwall began in Chichester. Amongst the goods sold at the market was wool, and Chichester’s status as a harbour town — Dell Quay being an important port in medieval England — meant that it became a prominent centre of both export and import for the wool trade. Needle-making was another significant industry in medieval Chichester, though this began to decline in the seventeenth century and eventually died out in the eighteenth century. [2]

Arts, Music and Culture in Chichester

The Festival of Chichester is held annually during June and July, playing host to musical performances, poetry readings, art exhibitions and more. Another annual event geared more towards family entertainment is the Sloe Fair. [3] Today consisting of modern amusement park rides, the fair is a tradition that stretches back to the twelfth century. Chichester is also home to several art galleries, including the 7 Cloud Gallery of Fine Art, the Oxmarket Centre of Arts and the Candida Stevens Gallery.

Travel to, from and within Chichester

Chichester is home to a railway station on the West Coastway Line. This provides regular services to and from Southampton, Portsmouth, Brighton and London Victoria (via Gatwick Airport). Located near the train station is the Chichester Bus Station. Less than two miles north of Chichester is the Chichester/Goodwood Airport.

Notable Landmarks to Visit in Chichester

Chichester Cathedral

More than 900 years old, Chichester Cathedral is open to visits from the public. It is notable both for its historical architecture and art and for the modern artwork commissioned by contemporary artists. Another attraction is the free-standing medieval bell tower, which no other English cathedral features.

Chichester Canal

The Chichester Canal runs for four miles, and members of the public are allowed to arrange boat trips, fishing and other such activities. Visitors can also stop for food and drink at the Canal Trust HQ and Shop.

Fishbourne Roman Palace

Located on the outskirts of Chichester, the Fishbourne Roman Palace is a well-preserved historical site that was uncovered in the nineteenth century. Housed here are mosaics and other artefacts, along with a garden re-planted in an authentic Roman manner.

Chichester City Walls

The Chichester City Walls date from Roman times and can be experienced with a 1.4-mile circular walk. Tours are available for visitors who are particularly interested in hearing about the history of this landmark. Informative leaflets can also be obtained from the local tourist centre.

Chichester Festival Theatre

Originally opened in 1962, the Chichester Festival Theatre puts on a range of plays, musicals and other such performances, ranging from classic Shakespeare to modern works. Some of the shows are intended for all ages, making the theatre an appropriate destination for family trips to Chichester.

How the New ETA Will Impact Trips to Chichester

The ETA (Electronic Travel Authorisation) scheme will be introduced as part of the Nationality and Borders Bill. What it means is that any visitors to the United Kingdom who are not British or Irish citizens will need to seek permission before travelling. Each individual’s permission will need to be checked and confirmed by their carrier before they will be allowed to travel. [4] For those who are not citizens of the UK or Ireland and intend to visit Chichester, a full understanding of the ETA system and the permissions involved in obtaining a UK ETA for Chichester is necessary.

Obtaining an ETA: The Documents that Travellers Need

International visitors with passports not from the UK or Ireland will be able to apply for a UK ETA for Chichester. When doing so, travellers will need to supply a valid passport (issued by a nation that is ETA-eligible), a working email address and a credit or debit card that will be used to pay the visa fee. While applying, travellers will need to provide their full name, date of birth, country of citizenship and details on the nature and purpose of their travel. It is important to ensure that the personal details provided correspond with those on all of the documents supplied during the application, including a credit or debit card.

How Long Will a UK ETA for Chichester be Valid?

First of all, once a traveller has submitted an application for an ETA, they will typically have to wait between 48 and 72 hours before receiving a reply. If it is approved, then the traveller can expect it to be valid for 180 days (six months). Note that the ETA will apply to the entire United Kingdom, not only Chichester. [4]

When Will the New ETA System be Launched?

The new UK ETA system is scheduled to be introduced at the start of 2023. By the end of that year, it will have become fully operational. All of this is part of a larger process that will lead to the United Kingdom’s borders becoming fully digitised by the end of 2025.

Apply for an ETA Before Planning a Journey to Chichester

For travellers intending to visit Chichester, it is important to consider the new ETA system and how it might affect a trip to the United Kingdom. For those who require further information, this can be found on the UK ETA website. Once a successful ETA application has been made prior to departure, a journey to Chichester can be planned in detail.